• Are multiple number of analyzers needed for each kind of measu

    Our analyzer is possible to have multi ranges. It can set max. 10 ranges at extra fee.

  • Can concentrations of particular gases be measured by the ultrasonic gas analyzer?

    Our ultrasonic gas analyzer can theoretically measure all kinds of mixture of two gases. In other words it is possible to measure gases which other type analyzer cannot measure.

  • How often should it be calibrated?

    It doesn’t have consumption parts, so there is no secular change. Therefore Regular calibration is not always necessary.

  • I want to measure concentrations of gases in a cost-effective way.

    Maintenance is not necessary for a long time, so it cut the running cost.

Other common questions

About specifications

  • What are the features of ultrasonic type?

    As follows.
    ・Measurement of all kinds of mixture of two gases theoreticallypossible.
    ・Continuous measurement possible.
    ・Short warm-up time
    ・No relative gas
    ・Power saving
    ・long-lasting sensor

  • How different is it from other types?

    As follows.

    1.Continuous measurements possible.
    2.short warm-up time
    3.No relative gas needed


  • What happens when other gas is contained?

    Because concentration value is converted from molecular weight, it causes the error when other substances (including water, dust) are contained. Install a filter etc. before INLET of the analyzer to prevent sample gases from mixing with other substances.

  • Is it possible to measure corrosive gas?

    Measurement is not possible because the ultrasonic sensor would corrode.

  • Is it possible to measure mixture of three gases?

    It is possible under following conditions.
    1. One gas concentration is fixed.
    2. Concentration ratio is constant.
    3. When each gas concentration is variable, Measurement can be done by taking in the concentration signal of one of the three gases that is measured and outputted by another gas analyzer.


About products

  • How long is the approx. delivery time?

    It depends on the amount and gas composition, approx. delivery times are as follows.

    US-100-5VS type.2/US-100-12VS type.2/US-IX/US-ⅡT-S/US-ⅡT-SH: in a month.
    US-ⅡE/US-ⅡT-SR/US-ⅡT-P/US-ⅠT-P: in two months.

  • Can you make a product which is not on your line-up?

    Possible. Contact us and let us know your requests.

  • Why can only US-ⅡT-SH measure high concentration of helium (Hydrogen)?

    Because sound is difficult to travel in a high concentration of very light gas (ex. Helium, Hydrogen) such as in vacuum, standard model cannot measure it. So we have specially developed US-ⅡT-SH to measure it.

  • Are there any explosion proof types?

    Sorry, butthere are no models on our line-up.

  • Can you issue a traceability certificate?

    We can issue it at extra fee.


About After-sale service

  • What can we do when the concentration value is wrong even if we have calibrated.

    Check again if the concentration of standard gas is correct and suitable.
    After that, calibrate with two gases of zero calibration gas and span calibration gas.

  • What can we do when the concentration value is unstable?

    Place the analyzer away from the source of electric noise and pull the ground wire out.

  • What can we do when we fail in calibration?

    The calibration data of the analyzer can be put back into default status(factory setting).In the case of Ultrasonic module, Calibrate again with two gases of zero calibration gas and span calibration gas.