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Search applications

We offer a suitable model for ultrasonic gas analyzer according to specifications. Please contact us for details.

If you want to measure the gas at low price

  • If you want a small and light equipment
    US-100-5VS type.2この機種を見る
  • If you want to measure in low temperature
    US-100-5VS-L(Type for low temperature use) US-100-12VS-L(Type for low temperature use)この機種を見る
  • If you want an indicator
    US-100-5VS type.2この機種を見る
  • If you want an indicator
  • If you want to raise a proof pressure

If you want to measure the gas at high quality

  • If you want a portable model
  • If you want analog output only
  • If you want both analog output and alarm output
  • If you want to measure the high concentration of Helium (Hydrogen)
  • If you want a contact output such as alarm If you want a flow meter
  • If you want both flow meter and sampling pump

If you want to make the analyzer made to order

We are happy to design and produce customized products.
Please feel free to contact us and let us know your request. We will offer you desirable product.

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Index according to specification

You can choose model according to specification in detail.
If your specifications don’t match the model in the example, please contact us.

Category1 Category2 Example Measuring range Model Meter
Medical High density Oxygen O2PSA 0-96 Vol%O2 US-100 series
Parts 0-100 Vol%O2
Parts 0-96 Vol%O2 US-ⅠX Digital meter
Nitrous oxide N2O/O2Mixer 0-100 Vol%N2O US-100 series
industrial gas generator High density Oxygen O2 generator 0-96 Vol%O2
Argon gas Argon generator 0-100 Vol%Ar
Heat treatment Atmosphere furnace Combustion furnace 0-50 Vol%H2 US-ⅡT series Color LCD monitor with touch panel
Semiconductor, liquid crystal Greenhouse gas CF4 purifier 0-100 Vol%CF4
SF6 purifier 0-100 Vol%SF6
Rare gas Xe/Ne mixed gas recovery unit 0-100 Vol%Xe
0-100 Vol%Kr
Laser Rare gas Ar/Ne mixed gas recovery unit 0-10 Vol%Ar
Car helium gas Charging and testing 0-10 Vol%He US-ⅠT series
Gas mixer CO2+Ar Gas mixer 0-100 Vol%CO2 US-ⅡT series
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